Micronaut is a free and open, public-use software development framework used to build modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications. With the recent establishment of the Micronaut Foundation, one can reasonably expect to see greater adoption of the Micronaut framework.

Object Computing‘s initial contribution of $2 million should go a long way towards open-source development and evangelism for the platform. This growth in adoption should also be assisted by cool features such as Micronaut Launch— its new tool for generating a project template for creating Micronaut applications.

Micronaut’s support for serverless development is very attractive. One example of this is the framework’s recently added support for Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions. The fact Java 11 has recently been made available for both services is all the more exciting.

Using Micronaut as an Azure Function is attractive because you have the option of writing regular Micronaut controllers, using Micronaut’s @Controller annotation, and having them execute as an Azure HTTP Function. The same is true of Google Cloud Functions.  


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