The 9.0.0 release of Angular is here.  To update to this version, it is recommended to first update to the final release of Angular 8.

If you’re curious, the ‘ng version’ command will let you know what version of Angular you’re on currently.

If your repository is clean, meaning all changes are committed or stashed, you can follow up with the following ‘ng update’ command to update to the final release of Angular 8:

ng update @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected]

As of this writing, the latest version is 8.3.25.  After this update, it is likely your repo will become unclean because there may be changes to your package.json and package-lock.json files.  Commit or stash these files to move on to the next step.

At this point, you should be ready to update to Angular 9:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Feel free to run ‘ng serve’ to make sure your app still runs.  At this point, my job is done.  Happy coding!