In the upcoming Java 14 release scheduled for March, a concept called records will be introduced as a preview feature.  This will come as a relief to those developers currently using their IDEs to  auto-generate getters, public constructors, etc. for this type of class.  A record is an immutable transparent carrier for a fixed set of values known as components.  For those familiar with the Scala language, records appear to be very similar to case classes.

To get a better idea of what this capability would give you, just imagine only having to write the following instead of an equivalent class without methods for getters, equals/hashcode, public constructors, and toString.

public record TopLevelUpsertNode(
    Project project,
    NodeSelector nodeSelector,
    CreateNode createNode,
    TopLevelUpdateNode topLevelUpdateNode)

To access this language feature, compile with the preview flag as in the following example:

java –enable-preview -source 14

I look forward to tinkering with this feature in this release.